WECA Public Service

What do WECA members do at public service events? Some members provide communications support for events like the New York City Marathon, The American Diabetes Association Bike-A-Thon, The Tour de Cure, The March of Dimes and many other events. WECA participates in many events every spring, summer and fall as a free public service to these organizations.

WECA also provides educational and information services to its members, the amateur radio community and the general public.

Once a year, on the last weekend in June, WECA participates in Field Day. Field day is a large-scale test of our emergency field communications. We engage in friendly competition with other hams around the world that have set up similar field communications. Field day is also a good place for members of the public to see Ham Radio in action, and, is a social gathering for members of the club. Field Day is always the forth full weekend in June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and ending at 2100 UTC Sunday. Setup begins at 9 am on Saturday and tear down begins at 2pm on Sunday.

If you would like to help provide Amateur Radio Communications at these events please contact our Public Service Director by sending email to PublicService@Weca.Org - all volunteers gladly accepted!

Stay tuned for 2022 Public Service calendar updates.