Repeaters and Facilities


WECA's main radio systems are located in central Westchester County. The antennas are over 800 feet above sea level. WECA maintains primary and backup voice repeaters for FM radio communications on the following frequencies:

Reporting Problems

To report problems with the repeater system, please contact the Repeater Operations Director by sending email to repeater at weca dot org.

Digipeaters and PBBS

The WECA packet radio nodes have been terminated since this not a popular means of communications anymore.


WECA has recently added Winlink to our list of facilities.  It can be accessed as WB2ZII-10 on 145.07.  The best way to describe Winlink is "that it is a network of amateur radio and authorized government-licensed stations that provides worldwide radio email using radio pathways where the internet is not present."  Please see the information at for greater details about this service.   If you have any questions, please send email to Rob / KD2QLQ (