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Upcoming WECA events

The next WECA Meeting will be on June 8, 2015

The next WECA member meeting will be on Monday, June 8th at the Westchester County Center located at the corner of Central Avenue and Old Tarrytown Road in White Plains, NY.  We will have club Officer and Director elections. We will also discuss and prepare for Field Day 2015!

The social half hour will begin at 7pm followed by the Field Day presentation at 7:30 pm.

Upcoming meetings:

Sep 14, 2015 (Monday)  - TBA

If you have an idea for a WECA Meeting or would like to make a presentation to the group, please contact Brian / W2BZT or send email to Meetings@Weca.Org





Interested in joining WECA?

WECA is a Ham Radio club located in Westchester County, NY about 25 miles north of New York City. The group holds monthly meetings in White Plains, NY (no meetings in July and August). Please click here to download an information brochure about the club. If you would like to join WECA, then please click here to download a membership application form. These downloads require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to read or print these documents. If you have any questions about the club, then please send email to Membership at weca dot org.



Please welcome the newest WECA members

Callsign   Name   Location
KD2GYD   Chris   W Milford, NJ
KD2GMN   Jeff   W Milford, NJ
KD2HSE   Jonne   White Plains
KD2IIE   Richie   Bronx
KC2DVT   Noah   White Plains
W2MJZ   Mike   Yonkers
KD2HYA   Tony   Ryebrook


If you would like to join WECA, please send email to Membership At Weca Dot Org.                 

WECA's 2015 Public Service Events:

When Event name Where
April 26, 2015 March of Dimes Walk White Plains
May 3, 2015 Mental Health Association Yorktown
June 27- 28, 2015 ARRL Field Day Mamaroneck
July 19, 2015 Hudson Valley Bike Ride Hawthorne
September 19, 2015 The Toughman Race Croton Point Pk


Stay tuned for the updated 2015 Schedule of Events

Are you a local Ham near Westchester County, NY and are interested in helping out with Public Service Events? If so, please contact our Public Service Director by sending email to PublicService at Weca dot Org.



WECA is hosting NBEMS on Wednesday nights

 Rich Benda / WB2QJA hosts a digital training net on the 447.475 voice repeater using NBEMS. The PL is 114.8 and the offset is 5 MHz down. The goal of NBEMS is to be able to setup temporary, reliable error-checking communications in the event of an emergency. Further details are available by contacting Rich Benda / WB2QJA at weca dot org.  Please download the flyer by clicking here.



WECA is experimenting with MotoTrbo on 447.475

 WECA now supports both analog FM and MotoTrbo on 447.475. Don't know what Moto Turbo is?  Please click here to learn about this new amateur radio digital mode. If you have questions about MotoTrbo, please contact Dwight / N2FMC at n2fmc at weca dot org.

Coming soon - instructions how to create a MotoTrbo "code plug".




         has D-Star on 443/448.1875

As of June 1, 2010 WECA has D-Star on 448.1875 (-) under callsign W2ECA (set your parameters for this frequency to the repeater callsign of W2ECA, 443.1875 (RX), 448.1875 (TX) and "CQCQCQ" for  your callsign. The new D-Star repeater is located in Valhalla, NY and presently has a range of about 15 miles (mobile). Please send signal reports to D-Star at Update July 2012, W2ECA's gateway is now connected to the Internet. Dial up 448.1875 and hear distant D-Star conversations in progress.

See a "U-Tube" video about D-star by clicking here.

Need a D-Star code plug for W2ECA's D-Star repeater? Please click here

To register for W2ECA, please click here.




Field Day 2014 has passed!

Field Day 2014 was held at the Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, NY. Setup began on Saturday morning at 9 am and we made the first contacts beginning at 2 pm. The contest continued until Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. Take down began at 2 pm and finished around 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Thank you all who helped and made this Field Day a success.

WECA scored 15th (6,968 points) out of a field of many!

Some informational links:

Special Field Day 2014 WECAgram edition - click here

What is Field Day? - click here.

What are the rules for Field Day 2014? - click here.

Where was WECA's Field Day 2014? - Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck, NY - click here.





WECA Club project - 2 meter receiver

      WECA members met at the home of Stan / WA2NRV on Sunday, 09/22/14 to build their 2 meter receivers. More work to be done . . . .


Attendees included WA2NRV, KC2VCT, KD2DOE, KC2UAP, KD2DMV and others. Interested in the next project? Please contact for details.


News from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

        AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, INC. Granted the waiver request, with conditions. Dismissed as moot a previously-filed request from ARRL for clarification of the rules as they apply to TDMA digital emissions. (Dkt No. 12-283 ), released March 22, 2013. Click here to read.

        Part 97-113 (3)(i) - use of Amateur Radio for emergency preparedness. Click here to read

        FCC Rules for Part 97 - Amateur Radio, click here to read.



WB2NHC is on YouTube!

 Tom Raffaelli / WB2NHC and the involvement of Ham Radio Operators helping the Red Cross was featured in a YouTube video.

To view this video, please click here.



Want to learn about RFI, Ferrites, Baluns and Audio interfacing but don't have time for a class?

Dwight Smith / N2FMC has found an interesting and downloadable publication that is continuously updated by the author Jim Brown/K9YC.
Click here to view or download this treasure trove of information about RFI, Ferrites, Baluns and Audio interfacing.



Want to learn about "Return Loss"?

OK, so what is return loss? Click here for Wikipedia's answer. So how good is that feed line and much power is really getting out of the cable to the antenna? Any faults with the cable or connectors? Is there really an antenna connected? Finally, what is being reflected back down the line as loss?

Dwight / N2FMC has found a few URLs that discusses and calculates Return Loss.

Here is a link that discusses the math, please click here.

This link compares SWR to Return loss in a chart, please click here.

Another SWR chart link, please click here.

And finally an online Return Loss calculator, please click here.


Have a special Ham Radio announcement for the website? Please send email to webmaster at weca dot org.


Traveling abroad and want to use your US Ham license during your trip? read this document created by the FCC DA-11-211 to help explain the process of using your Ham callsign in "CEPT" countries in Europe. Please click here to read this publication.



See the latest ARRL Letter - lots of headlines!

Please Click here to see the current issue.

Issues going back to 2000 can be viewed by clicking here.




 Interested in Solar Cycle 24?            

Would you like to find out how Ham Radio operators make contacts using the Aurora?

If there are enough charged particles (electrons) spiraling down the earth's magnetic field lines, the ionization may be sufficient to reflect VHF and lower UHF radio waves (generally in the 25 to 500 MHz frequency range). This usually occurs in conjunction with visual aurora, but the mechanism is a bit different and it is possible to have one (visual or radio) without the other.

Click here to learn more.


Having troubles using the WECA Repeater system?

Sometimes due to band conditions, distance repeaters can be heard on our 2 meter repeater frequency of 147.060 MHz. Once someone in greater Westchester County keys up on the input using a PL of 114.8 Hz, the distant repeater interference subsides. This is normal (especially in the summer) and many times you may hear a Connecticut repeater located in the northeast corner of the state or sometimes a Philadelphia repeater can be heard as well.

But, if you have been having troubles using the repeater system or are hearing interference, please send email to "repeater at weca dot org" detailing the trouble or interference that you are experiencing. Our Repeater and Technical Directors will look into the problem.

Please welcome our 2014 - 2015 Officers & Directors:

At the June 9, 2014 meeting, the following Officers & Directors were elected into office.

President - Bill Bohnenberger / KA2OFM
Executive Vice President -
Brian Stas - W2BZT
Vice President / General Counsel - Michael Weitzner / N2EJI
Treasurer - Andy Farber / N4OOX
Secretary - Adam Garrison - KD2AYV
Director at Large - Stan Rothman / WA2NRV
Engineering Director - Bob Wilson / N2DVQ
Newsletter Editor - Al Kroger / KD2DMV
Repeater Operations Director - Dwight Smith / N2FMC
Social Activities Director - Richard Kautz / KC2HZW
Education Director - Larrie Sutliff / W2UL
Digital Modes - Rich Benda / WB2QJA
Emergency Services - Tom Raffaelli / WB2NHC
Membership - Peter Johnson / N2TFC
Publicity - Will Austen / N2UXJ
Public Service - Kathleen O'Keefe / KC2VCT

Directors and honorariums appointed by the board

- Russ Stevenson / N2AMP
County Liaison - Michael Volk / W2MKV
President Emeritus
- Richard Kautz / KC2HZW
Webmaster / CIO - Peter Johnson / N2TFC

If you have any questions for the Officers & Directors, please email them with your questions by sending email to their callsign@weca dot org email address.

The WECAgram Newsletter is always online

WECA's monthly newsletter about Ham Radio events, projects and its local members in the greater Westchester County, NY area located about 20 miles north of New York City. .

Do you have something for the WECAgram ? Please send your article to The WECAgram Editor by sending email to "wecagram at weca dot org"

Past issues of The WECAgram

Looking for special Ham Radio related websites?

WECA member Dwight Smith / N2FMC has found a bunch of web sites containing ham radio related information. Please click here for a list of "Dwight's Sites". If you have any technical or Ham Radio related sites and would like to share these sites with others, please send email to sites at "weca dot org".

2015 meetings , lists, dates and calendars are online

Please click here for the 2015 WECA meeting list

Please click here for the 2015 Ham Radio testing dates

Please click here for the 2015 Public Service event calendar

Found - old WECAGRAMS!

Nick / K2ZVI (SK) found some old WECAGRAMS while cleaning one day to share with the newer members. Please click on any date below to view these found treasures!

February 1980                August 1981                  September 1987              January 1988

If you have some old WECAgrams that could be "PDF" scanned, please send email to Peter / N2TFC - webmaster at weca dot org

WB2NHC - Tom Raffaelli was awarded Ham of the year! was first licensed in 1964. His interests then, as now, were in experimenting and building radio devices. Tom married Jeanne Fyfe in 1966. They moved into a three room apartment in the Bronx. Due to space limitations Tom operated exclusively on the VHF and UHF bands. In 1970, with two children in tow, Tom and Jeanne moved to a home in Thornwood New York. Beam antennas, verticals and wire dipoles soon sprang up on the roof and in the yard. In 1979 Tom joined the New Rochelle Communications Club and soon after that the Westchester Emergency Communications Association (WECA). He was elected Vice President of WECA in 1985 and President in 1987, and served for seven years. WECA doubled its membership under Tom's leadership, strengthened its affiliation with Westchester County's Office of Disaster and Emergency Services and initiated an affiliation with the Westchester chapter of the American Red Cross. He expanded the club's  Field Day event and grew WECAFEST, the club's hamfest event into a major "must attend" event. Tom is now Director of Emergency Services.

Tom served as President of TSARC for several years and resolved several long standing coordination disputes and established a coordination waiting list for all bands. Tom taught many Amateur Radio license classes over the years bringing more than 50 people into the hobby. Tom began volunteering at the New York City Marathon in the mid eighties and is currently the ham radio supervisor at the Family Reunion area.

Tom was instrumental in establishing extremely strong relationships between WECA and the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services and the American Red Cross. Both of these organizations are providing funding and support for maintenance of WECA's communications vehicles and equipment as well as providing meeting space and training facilities. Tom recently retired from the County of Westchester as its Director of Radio Systems. Tom continues to build on the strong ties between RACES, WECA and the county government while helping to bring state of  art communications facilities to the county's public safety departments.

Amateur of the Year Award Sponsored jointly by:
 The Peconic Amateur Radio Club
 Westchester Emergency Communications Association - WECA

As printed in the Hudson Division Awards Diner pamphlet from November 12, 2005

Here is what the Journal News said about the WECA Field Day event (2005):

Amateurs ham it up


(Original publication: June 27, 2005)
At 11 a.m. yesterday, the sun was positioned just right for contact with Florida. With headphones on, 12-year-old Taylor Wilson, maneuvered the radio dial for the correct frequency to ham it up. "Alpha Echo 2 Fox Trot," he repeated into his headset with vigor. A few crackled voices from north Florida responded. "The frequency depends on the time of day. Right now it's favoring the south," said his father, Bob Wilson (N2DVQ), of Yorktown. "The atmosphere is like a mirror. "Later, Taylor grew frustrated as he tried to extend his reach and get the attention of an operator from the Virgin Islands. With some patience, a connection was made with a clear sound from the Caribbean. "This is so much fun," said Taylor. "Now that school's out, it's a great way to meet people. "The boisterous pre-teen was among 60 members of the Westchester Emergency Communication Association who participated in Field Day yesterday, an annual event during which amateur radio operators test their ability to establish and sustain long distance radio communications in the event of an emergency. At Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, five 50-foot-high antennas were positioned around the field and five stations were set up for the 24-hour experiment that started at 2 p.m. Saturday. "Our objective is to set up quickly and log contacts," said Lyle Anderson (K2LCA) of Chappaqua, the association's president. "And to see if our procedures work. "More than 3,000 stations nationwide participate in Field Day, which is hosted by the American Radio Relay League. By midday yesterday, the Westchester club had contacted about 1,300 and expected to reach 1,800 by day's end, Anderson said. In the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster, when telephone and/or computer services are lost, emergency officials and relief agencies utilize local amateur radio operators, or hams, for communication. During the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and 2003's blackout, the Westchester Emergency Communications Association helped officials stay in contact throughout the region, Anderson said. "People do this for a hobby," Anderson said. "But we do it as a public service. "There are 260 amateur radio operators in the volunteer group. Field Day also offered some friendly competition, in which each radio operator received a point for each contact made. Last year, the association came in sixth in their class. They expected to do better than that this time, Anderson said. Results are expected in two weeks. "The contest is just for fun," said Anderson. "What we are really trying to do here is train people. When you are stressed, tired and you have five people trying to contact you, you have to be cool and know what to do."

Don't know what Ham Radio is ?

The Ham Radio hobby has made it ! Well, now there is a "Ham Radio for Dummies" book on the market. Check this out by clicking here ! Available in many book stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the ARRL for $24.99 or less.

So, where were you in '72 ? When WECA was born !

On the first Friday night in early April 1972, five men met in Tarrytown, NY at William T. Knott's (W2QGH-sk) home to form what is now the Westchester Emergency Communications Association (WECA). Thirty one years ago these middle aged "family" men were Ham Radio hobbyists who decided start this club "for the continuation of the Civil Defense Radio network in Westchester County, NY". Meeting minutes from those early gatherings can be read by clicking here

WECA thanks John von Sneidern, Jr. / W2QGH for copies of those notes "from the beginning" of WECA and Efrem Acosta / W2CZ for organizing this historic project.

Comments (good/bad)? Please let us know by sending email to webmaster at weca dot org.

Public Service Operators Needed !

Please contact Kathleen O'Keefe / KC2VCT if you would like to participate in the upcoming Public Service events that WECA helps by supplying Ham Radio communicators. Operators are needed for other upcoming events. This is the best possible emergency preparedness training for Ham Radio communicators available, so please send email now to PublicService@Weca.Org and volunteer!

Upcoming Public Service Events

Public service events are one of WECA's specialties. WECA members help public service minded groups such as The Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Lung Assn., American Diabetes Assn., Westchester County Emergency Services and others.
 Public Service Events Calendar                                                                                                                        




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