About the former APRS digipeater at WB2ZII

[This digipeater was upgraded in 2004. This documentation is maintained here for historical reference only.]
Monday, December 7, 1998, a new APRS "wide" digipeater was installed at WECA's main repeater site in Valhalla, NY. The digipeater, operating on 144.39, is running 50 watts into a 5 dBd omnidirectional antenna at 250 feet up the Bill Knott Memorial Radio Tower. This digipeater should aid connectivity of local APRS users in Westchester to our friends in neighboring areas. Local APRS users should change their UNPROTO digi path to use WB2ZII.

At the same time, an APRS Mic-Encoder (MIC-E) gateway was installed on the WB2ZII 147.06 voice repeater. This gateway monitors the repeater voter audio and gateways all decoded packets onto the 144.39 APRS network using an interconnection to the WB2ZII APRS digipeater. Mobile users of a GPS receiver in conjunction with the TAPR APRS Mic-Encoder, Kenwood TH-D7A handheld, TM-D700 mobile, or even a conventional TNC when correctly wired into a microphone circuit, can transmit short packet bursts on the tail of their voice transmissions. These bursts encode current geodetic position (latitude and longitude), heading, speed, and optional additional telemetry such as a canned status message (out of service, enroute, returning, committed, priority, emergency), battery voltage, temperature, etc. last updated Saturday, 15 October 2005.