Multiple Sclerosis Walkathon - April 20, 1997

This is a javAPRS replay of the MS Walk on April 20, 1997 in the vicinity of Rye Playland, Westchester County, NY. It was our group's first use of APRS in a public service event. We didn't do a lot, but we did learn a lot.

The Toys

Here's what equipment was used:

Sorry, your browser doesn't do Java!

javAPRS Commands
u or PGUP zooms up (wider view)
d or PGDN zooms down (narrower view)
L lists stations heard to the Java console
w lists only weather station reports to the Java console
CTRL-click centers map on clicked location
ALT-click zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keys scrolls map

Clicking on a station shows its information in the status bar

Here's an alternate version using a US Census TIGER map.

The Lessons