Digipeaters and PBBS

In addition to our analog repeaters on 144, 220, 440, and 900 systems WECA also operates three user accessible packet radio nodes on 145.05, 145.09, and 441.00 Mhz. These nodes are interconnected with the greater New York City packet radio network by 220 Mhz and UHF links. Two packet radio bulletin board systems (PBBS) are affiliated with WECA. These systems provide for store-and-forward message capability. Packet radio has recently emerged as one of the fastest and most efficient means of transmitting information on the amateur radio bands worldwide. For more information, please contact our Digital Modes Director at KD2DOE@Weca.Org.




WECA has D-Star on 448.1875 (-) under callsign W2ECA (set your parameters for this frequency to the repeater callsign of W2ECA, 443.1875 (RX), 448.1875 (TX) and "CQCQCQ" for  your callsign. The new D-Star repeater is located in Valhalla, NY and presently has a range of about 15 miles (mobile). Please send signal reports to D-Star at W2ECA's gateway is now connected to the Internet. Dial up 448.1875 and hear distant D-Star conversations in progress.

See a "U-Tube" video about D-star by clicking here.

Need a D-Star code plug for W2ECA's D-Star repeater? Please click here

To register for W2ECA, please click here. For more information, please contact Dwight at



WECA now supports both analog FM and DMR on 447.475. Don't know what DMR is? Please click here to learn about this new amateur radio digital mode. If you have questions about DMR, please contact Dwight / N2FMC by sending email to



 WECA operates multiple APRS digipeaters around Westchester County. These operate using call signs WB2ZII-13, 14, and 15. Please click here to view APRS.FI and then type in WB2ZII to see a map of WECA's APRS locations. When WECA is using APRS for a public service event, these stations can be seen at wb2zii-2, 3, 4, and 5. Please click here for more information.

last updated Sunday, May 7, 2017