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The Local Drill

The local drill was conceived as a partial test of the RACES portion of the Rye Plan. Using the above-mentioned simulated hurricane sequence, the plan was meant to simulate the sequence of events normally leading up to arrival of a hurricane. As such, the time line below was scripted and implemented.

Participating Agencies

The following agencies and organizations supported the local drill.

City of Rye

The City of Rye did not actively participate on the day of the local drill other than by granting permission for access to the Rye EOC (Police Headquarters) and arranging access to the Rye Country Day School. No Rye officials were available to simulate traffic or command decisions.

Prior to the drill, several conversations were held with the City Manager, Frank Culross, and his assistant for the Plan, Sgt. Bob Chittenden and they provided valuable feedback and support.

Rye Country Day School

The Rye Country Day School has demonstrated its commitment to the community by making it's facilities available as an evacuation reception center. Staff came in on Saturday and unlocked the reception center, the Dunn Performing Arts Center, allowing access by the Amateur Radio operators who remained there for several hours.

United Hospital Medical Center

As stated previously, United Hospital Medical Center used this drill as an opportunity to tie-in to an in-house drill. Dr. Robert Leviton, Director of Emergency Services, was very helpful in making suggestions for the subject matter of the drill.

Westchester County Chapter, American Red Cross

The American Red Cross chapter was aware of and supported the drill. Red Cross staff did not participate in the field. The chapter headquarters was simulated by ARES/RACES member, and ARC Communications Chair, Tom Raffaelli, WB2NHC.

Westchester County Office of Disaster and Emergency Services

The County EOC was very active for the drill. Both the Communications Officer and his assistant were present as was the Director, Liam Murphy.

Mr. Murphy played the role of County Executive and simulated state-of-emergency command decisions as per New York State Executive Law Article 2B.

Drill Script

Wednesday October 1

Mention there is a hurricane in Carribean during Wednesday bulletin on 147.06 repeater.

Thursday October 2

Bulletin #39 is automatically transmitted to westchester-ares email reflector and faxed to EOC. Hurricane watch up to Cape Lookout, NC. (See figure 6 for a sample bulletin.)
EOC staffer calls N2DB and asks her to read bulletin #39 during nightly 2130 Southern District NTS traffic net.
Bulletin #40: Hurricane watch extended to Cape Charles, VA.

Friday October 3

Bulletin #41: Hurricane watch extended to Chincoteague, VA.
Bulletin #42: Hurricane watch extended to Atlantic City, NJ.
N2DB reads bulletin #42 on 147.06.
Bulletin #43: Hurricane watch remains to Atlantic City, NJ.
N2DB reads bulletin #43. Announce call-up net for 8 p.m.
Group A activated by phone by N2DB at N2YGK's request.
WB2NHC announces 8 p.m. call-up net during regular Friday bulletin.
ARES call-up net begins. Pagers set off, volunteers recruited for Saturday from 0930-1200 and to help with telephone call-up. Those available to participate are asked to check back in at 2200. Net secures at 2100.
ARES net called up to give assignments to volunteers for Saturday morning.
Bulletin #44: Hurricane warning issued through Watch Hill, RI. At this point, Weather Alert radios owned by many Amateurs and others in the area would have set off their alarms as the NWS in Brookhaven issued the warning. Note: There was never a watch that covered Westchester--Straight from a watch to Atlantic City to a warning all the way up to Watch Hill.
N2YGK reads bulletin #44 on 147.06.

Saturday October 4

Bulletin #45: Hurricane warning through Rockland, ME.

The following slots are all filled at 0930 through the conclusion of the drill at 1200:

A minimal amount of message traffic was passed on the VHF net consisting mostly of confirmation that all stations were in place, along with a few messages between the simulated ARC chapter and the Rye Country Day School (CDS) shelter.

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